About Us

I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the birth of Change Your Story. I met Angela Ross the founder of Change Your Story and we would discuss her vision in the parking lot at work. Her passion for this project would bubble over and become contagious. Angela believes in the youth of today and feel they need a safe outlet to bloom into strong, intelligent women. Angela's vision has come full circle and is a beautiful masterpiece that meets the needs of young women in making them whole. I am able to witness first hand the molding these young ladies through tutoring them in their educational classes. Angela has provide an environment where I am able to meet the individual needs of each young lady. The environment and atmosphere of Change Your Story is welcoming, inviting, and appealing to the senses of young women. Change Your Story is the place to be for any female desiring to reach the next level in her life. Thank you Angela Ross, Change Your Story for all that you do!

Juanita Ransom
Our Vision

In envisioning the future, ABC Nonprofit and Business Services aspires to be the foremost catalyst for purposeful entrepreneurship within the nonprofit realm. Drawing upon a decade of industry proficiency and a robust network, we envision a landscape where nonprofits and businesses stand as beacons of community-focused impact. Our vision is to foster a culture where the intrinsic motivation for social betterment supersedes financial considerations, leading to the creation of sustainable entities that proactively address societal needs. ABC Nonprofit and Business Services envisions a future where each enterprise we assist becomes an enduring force for positive change in the lives of the communities they serve.

Our Mission

ABC Nonprofit and Business Services is committed to leveraging a decade of expertise within the nonprofit sector, fortified by an extensive network of connections, to champion the establishment of purpose-driven enterprises. Our mission is to guide and support nonprofits and businesses in their inception, emphasizing a dedication to community impact over financial gains. We aspire to enable organizations to fulfill essential roles in improving the lives of individuals, ensuring a lasting and meaningful contribution to the communities they serve.

About the ceo

Angela Williams, the founder and CEO of A.B.C Nonprofit and Business Services, embodies a fusion of unwavering determination and boundless compassion. With a decade-long track record of successfully overseeing a nonprofit mentoring and educational program, Angela’s commitment to uplifting others is evident. Motivated by a profound concern for people, Angela established ABC Nonprofit to address a prevalent issue: the proliferation of nonprofits driven by financial motives rather than genuine intent to aid those in need. Witnessing the anguish of individuals left underserved, Angela embarked on a mission to redirect the trajectory of nonprofits towards genuine community assistance. Having dedicated substantial efforts within the school system, Angela and her nonprofit have established a commendable rapport with the court system. Angela’s ethos revolves around prioritizing the well-being of the community and the individuals she serves daily. A staunch advocate for doing what is ethically right, Angela is resolute in guiding others to follow suit. Through her leadership, ABC Nonprofit aims to eradicate community deficits, ensuring that no segment of society goes without the essential support they rightfully deserve.